16 Mistakes Designers Wish You Would Stop Making in Your Living Room

The space that hosts family movie marathons and game nights with friends is under great pressure – after all, it has to be elegant and cozy. So in this article we will reveal mistakes most people make (and how to fix them) so you can show off your room with pride.

Buying furniture you won’t like to sit on

Just because it looks beautiful doesn’t mean it’s right for your home. ” Please don’t get me wrong, I love small chairs and very stylish sofas,” says designer Sarah. “But make sure there are seats that you and your guests feel comfortable in because if not, you’ll never use the room.

Putting your sofa against the wall

Designer Sara says “Nothing gets me crazier than a sofa against the wall in a huge room,” While this may be necessary for small spaces when you have the opportunity, you should “float” your sofa away from the wall to make your room looks bigger. If there’s one good trick for a small living room, it’s to put the furniture away from the wall. Ironically, this will make the room look bigger and better.

Hanging pictures at the wrong height

I think the number one question most people ask is how high I should hang my images or pictures. The short answer? 60 inches from the ground to the center of the picture, which is eye level for the average person. If in doubt about the scale of a photo, put yourself on a human scale – it just makes sense!

Not having enough sources of light

Nine times out of ten, when people enter a room and they like the atmosphere, it’s all because the lighting has been done properly. To accomplish this, your space must be set up with a diversity of light sources, including recessed and pendant fixtures.

Not having enough seats for guests

Sure, you and your husband can fit on the couch, but what about weekend get-togethers? It is very important to ensure that the seats facilitate conversation.

As a rule of thumb, there should be enough seatings for the number of people you can have at your dining table. It’s a rule that you have to learn when it comes to interior décor, the best rooms are as comfortable for two as they are for ten.

Underestimating the power of pillows

In this situation, it really drives expert designers crazy when there are only two sad throw cushions on a sofa. With all the various options available on the market, this is a huge missed opportunity to express your style, not to mention the multiple pillows will make your sofa so much more comfortable.

Forgetting about everyday needs.

Many people design their home for a one-time occasion, such as making a living room for the proverbial cocktail party that only takes place once a year. You should design your space in a way that you could use your living room every night, whether in a comfortable reading chair or with a puzzle at the gaming table.

Skimping on your upholstery

If you are going to take the time to add new fabric to a piece of furniture, there is one thing you should have in mind before choosing a cheaper material. If you have to sit on it, it better be comfortable. And when it comes to finding an upholsterer, you want someone whose work will last for the long haul.

Not having curtains touch the floor

Of course, this may seem like a small detail, but these gaps can sometimes make all the difference. You must always be hyper aware of things that are out the scale. If your curtains don’t hit at the right height, it can give the impression that your room is smaller than it actually is, and who wants that?

Being afraid of clutter

Clutter creates comfort. We have all been in a new building with a sofa and a table. This space is not comfortable until you add things to it.

Only thinking symmetrically

Embrace the oddly-shaped and uneven pieces. Be creative when you think about form and functionality,” says designer Sarah. When one of her clients wanted a more modern way to be entertained. “We opted for an asymmetrical and organic space that would encourage guests to float around the room while chatting”.

Replacing all of your furniture at once

To refresh your living room does not necessarily mean buying all the new furniture at one time. Rather, it means adding or replacing furniture gradually. Buy one good piece of furniture every year, and in five years you will have five pieces. Everything else may change, but the changes will remain constant.

Using one or two colors or shades instead of three

In no matter what, choose the colors that appeal to you when you rearrange your interior.

We won’t advise you which colors to choose, but we will tell you to try a mixt of three colors or shades. One main color for walls, another color for big accessories like canapes and chairs, and a third color for small accessories like flowers and pillows. Remember that color is impacted by the amount of light you are bringing into your home. Think about using floor-to-ceiling windows to highlight your interior and bring out the color too!

Not paying attention to measurements.

A piece may seem perfect in the store, but how will it look in your space? It is important to be able to visualize the scale of a piece. If in doubt, tape it out at home before you buy.

Trying to perfect the room all at once.

The creation of the perfect living room doesn’t normally happen all at once. Don’t be scared to move things around, remove or add pieces, nothing is ever set in stone!

Sacrificing style for a kid-friendly space.

For families with children, you need a multi-functional space that allows the kids to read, play and watch and in the same time allow adults to have a cocktail.


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